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S355MC, S355MC Steel held on stock and delivered throughout the Global Prompt service given by our well informed sales team.

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Technical Data

S355MC   ( 1.0976 )

Grade :     S355MC
    Number:     1.0976
    Standard: EN 10149 - 2 : 1996   Specification for hot-rolled flat products made of high yield strength steels for cold forming. Delivery conditions for thermomechanically rolled steels
    Classification:     High yield strength steels for cold forming. Delivery conditions for thermomechanically rolled steels

Chemical composition % of the ladle analysis   of grade   S355MC (1.0976)
The sum of Nb, V and Ti shall be max 0.22 %
If agreed at the time of the enquiry and order the sulfur content shall be max 0.01 % (ladle analysis)

C Si Mn P S V Nb Ti Al
max   0.12 max   0.5 max   1.5 max   0.025 max   0.02 max   0.2 max   0.09 max   0.15 max   0.015

Mechanical properties of grade   S355MC (1.0976)

Nominal thickness (mm) -
ReH - Minimum yield strength (MPa) 355

Nominal thickness (mm) -
Rm -Tensile strength (MPa) 430-550

Nominal thickness (mm) from 3
A - Minimum elongation Lo = 5,65 √ So (%) 23

Nominal thickness (mm) to 3
A - Minimum elongation Lo = Lo = 80 mm (%) 19

Equivalent grades of grade   S355MC (1.0976)


We can produce pipe S355MC, S355MC steel ingot, S355MC sheet, S355MC bar, S355MC castings, S355MC stamping, S355MC cold, S355MC hot-rolled, S355MC cold drawing, hot punch and then finished machining S355MC and S355MC of the heat treatment process, modulation , tempering, normalizing, returns, etc.,

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