Martensite Stainless Steels 1Cr12Ni3Mo2VN, 1Cr12Ni3Mo2VN, Specification for stainless steel cold rolled sheet for aviation to GJB 2295A

1Cr12Ni3Mo2VN Stainless Steels Properties Data

Chemical Composition of steel 1Cr12Ni3Mo2VN Stainless Steels: GJB 2295A ,Cross Reference

1Cr12Ni3Mo2VN Stainless Steels Applications and Specifications

1Cr12Ni3Mo2VN is a new type of martensitic stainless steel for the last-stage blades of large-capacity nuclear and thermal power turbines. The deformation behavior of this steel was studied by thermal compression experiments that performed on a Gleeble-3500 thermal simulator at a temperature range of 850°C to 1200°C and a strain rate of 0.01s-1 to 20s-1. When the deformation was performed at high temperature and low strain rate, a necklace type of microstructures was observed, the plastic deformation mechanism is grain boundary slip and migration, when at low temperature and lower strain rate, the slip bands were observed, the mechanism is intracrystalline slips, and when at strain rate of 20s-1, twins were observed, the mechanism are slips and twins. The Arrhenius equation was applied to describe the constitutive equation of the flow stress. The accuracy of the equation was verified by using the experimental data and the correlation coefficient R2 = 0.9786, and the equation can provide reasonable data for the design and numerical simulation of the forging process.

  • GJB 2295A - Specification for stainless steel cold rolled sheet for aviation

Mechanical properties at room temperature for 1Cr12Ni3Mo2VN Stainless Steels: GJB 2295A

Tensile Strength,Rm(MPa)

Yield Strength,Rp 0.2(MPa)



Reduction of area,(%)


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Conditions & Properties

  • +A Soft annealed
  • +AC Annealed to achieve spheroidization of the carbides
  • +QT Quenched and tempered
  • +WW Warm worked
  • +N Normalized
  • +NT Normalized and tempered
  • +AT Solution annealed
  • +C Cold drawn / Hard
  • +CR Cold rolled
  • +PE Peeled
  • +T Tempered