Austenite Stainless Steels A 580 Type XM-11, A 182 F XM.11, A 240 Type XM.11, A 269 TPXM.11, A 276 XM.11, A 312 TPXM.11, A 314 XM.11, A 336 Grade FXM.11, A 412 Type XM.11, A 473 XM.11, A 479 XM.11, A 580 Type XM.11, A 666 XM.11, A 813 Grade TP XM.11, A 814 Grade TP XM.11, A 943 TPXM.11, A 959 Type XM.11, A 965 Grade FXM11, SA.182 FXM.11, SA.276 XM.11, SA.312 Grade TP XM.11, Stainless Steel Wire to A 580/A 580M (2012)

A 580 Type XM-11 Stainless Steels Properties Data

Chemical Composition of steel A 580 Type XM-11 Stainless Steels: A 580/A 580M (2012) ,Cross Reference

A 580 Type XM-11 Stainless Steels Applications and Specifications

A 580 Type XM-11

  • A 580/A 580M (2012) - Stainless Steel Wire

Mechanical properties at room temperature for A 580 Type XM-11 Stainless Steels: A 580/A 580M (2012)

Tensile Strength,Rm(MPa)

Yield Strength,Rp 0.2(MPa)



Reduction of area,(%)


Product shapes we supply:

Cross Reference, Equivalent, Similar of A 580 Type XM-11 Stainless Steels grade:

A 182 F XM-11 A 240 Type XM-11 A 269 TPXM-11 A 276 XM-11 A 312 TPXM-11 A 314 XM-11 A 336 Grade FXM-11 A 412 Type XM-11 A 473 XM-11 A 479 XM-11 A 580 Type XM-11 A 666 XM-11 A 813 Grade TP XM-11 A 814 Grade TP XM-11 A 943 TPXM-11 A 959 Type XM-11 A 965 Grade FXM11 SA-182 FXM-11 SA-276 XM-11 SA-312 Grade TP XM-11 SA-336 Grade FXM-11 SA-412 XM-11 SA-479 Type XM-11 SA-666 XM-11 SA-813 TPXM-11 SA-813 TPXM-11 SA-965 Grade FXM11 A 240 S21904 A 269 S21904 A 276 S21904 A 314 S21904 A 473 S21904 A 580 S21904 A 666 S21904 A 965 S21904 A 988 S21904 S21904 SA-666 S21904 SA-965 S21904

Conditions & Properties

  • +A Soft annealed
  • +AC Annealed to achieve spheroidization of the carbides
  • +QT Quenched and tempered
  • +WW Warm worked
  • +N Normalized
  • +NT Normalized and tempered
  • +AT Solution annealed
  • +C Cold drawn / Hard
  • +CR Cold rolled
  • +PE Peeled
  • +T Tempered