Stainless Steels - Special Steels 403CB+, H46, B50A365, S40300, B50A365B,403, 403CB+, H46, B50A365, S40300, B50A365B,403, Y1Cr18Ni9, 1Cr18Ni9, 1Cr18Mn10Ni5Mo3N, 1Cr17Ni7, Y1Cr18Ni9Se, 0Cr18Ni9, 00Cr19Ni10, 1Cr17Mn6Ni5N, 1Cr18Mn8Ni5N, 0Cr19Ni9N, 0Cr19Ni10NbN, 00Cr18Ni10N, 1Cr18Ni12, 0Cr23Ni13, 0Cr25Ni20, 0Cr17Ni12Mo2, 1Cr18Ni12Mo2Ti, 0Cr18Ni12Mo2Ti, 201, STAINLESS STEEL BAR & FORGINGS,CHROMIUM-NIOBIUM-IRON ALLOY to GE Approval to B50A365

403CB+, H46, B50A365, S40300, B50A365B,403 Stainless Steels - Special Steels Properties Data

Chemical Composition of steel 403CB+, H46, B50A365, S40300, B50A365B,403 Stainless Steels - Special Steels: GE Approval to B50A365 ,Cross Reference

403CB+, H46, B50A365, S40300, B50A365B,403 Stainless Steels - Special Steels Applications and Specifications

403CB+, H46 grade stainless steel is an AOD + ESR melted alloy with additional alloying elements giving it good strength and temper resistance at higher temperatures up to 1200oF. Similar to the 410 stainless this grade has the ability to be heat treated to multiple different strength levels. Because of the temper resistance this alloy is soley used in the power generation market as steam and gas turbine blades.

General Electric Material B50A365 identifies a Chromium-Niobium alloy steel used for compressor blading, turbine blading, and forgings.
This specification contains the following classes:B50A365A, B50A365A1, B50A365B, B50A365, B1B50A365C, Electric furnace material, heat treated for final properties Electric furnace material, annealedConsumable - Electrode remelt material, heat treated for final propertiesConsumable - Electrode remelt material, annealed Forgings for Non-bucket applications - Consumable Electrode remelt material, heat treated for final properties.

Material shall be heated to a temperature of 2000-2050°F (1095-1135°C) and held at temperature for sufficient time to assure uniform temperature within the load and each part thereof. The material shall then be quenched in oil or rapidly moving air, as approved in the manufacturing process plan,to a temperature below the Mf martensite finish temperature, to assure complete transformation. Material made to Classes A and C and material that is made to Class B without straightening or cold finishing shall then be uniformly heated to a minimum tempering temperature of 1185°F (640°C), and held for the time necessary to achieve all of the required properties.

  • ASTM A276 - Standard Specif i cation for Stainless Steel Bars and Shapes

Mechanical properties at room temperature for 403CB+, H46, B50A365, S40300, B50A365B,403 Stainless Steels - Special Steels: GE Approval to B50A365

Tensile Strength,Rm(MPa)

Yield Strength,Rp 0.2(MPa)



Reduction of area,(%)


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Cross Reference, Equivalent, Similar of 403CB+, H46, B50A365, S40300, B50A365B,403 Stainless Steels - Special Steels grade:

403CB+, H46, B50A365, S40300, B50A365B,403 Y1Cr18Ni9 1Cr18Ni9 1Cr18Mn10Ni5Mo3N 1Cr17Ni7 Y1Cr18Ni9Se 0Cr18Ni9 00Cr19Ni10 1Cr17Mn6Ni5N 1Cr18Mn8Ni5N 0Cr19Ni9N 0Cr19Ni10NbN 00Cr18Ni10N 1Cr18Ni12 0Cr23Ni13 0Cr25Ni20 0Cr17Ni12Mo2 1Cr18Ni12Mo2Ti 0Cr18Ni12Mo2Ti 201 SA 201 S20100 201L S20103 00Cr17Ni14Mo2 X2CrNiMo18-14-3 1.4435 Z 3 CND 17-11-02 TS 60 0Cr17Ni12Mo2N 00Cr17Ni13Mo2N 0Cr18Ni12Mo2Cu2 00Cr18Ni14Mo2Cu2 0Cr19Ni13Mo3 00Cr19Ni13Mo3 1Cr18Ni12Mo3Ti 0Cr18Ni12Mo3Ti 0Cr18Ni16Mo5 1Cr18Ni9Ti 0Cr18Ni10Ti 0Cr18Ni11Nb 0Cr18Ni9Cu3 0Cr18Ni13Si4 1Cr18Ni9Si3 1Cr13Mn9Ni4 1Cr21Ni5Ti 0Cr26Ni5Mo2 1Cr18Ni11SiA1Ti 00Cr18Ni5Mo3Si2 0Cr13Al 00Cr12 1Cr17 Y1Cr17 1Cr17Mo 00Cr30Mo2 00Cr27Mo 00Cr17 00Cr17Mo 00Cr18Mo2 Rene 41 1Cr15 1Cr12 1Cr13 0Cr13 Y1Cr13 1Cr13Mo 2Cr13 3Cr13 Y3Cr13 Y3Cr13 3Cr13Mo 4Cr13 1Cr17Ni2 7Cr17 8Cr17 9Cr18 11Cr17 Y11Cr17 9Cr18Mo 9Cr18MoV 3Cr16 0Cr17Ni4Cu4Nb 0Cr17Ni7Al 0Cr15Ni7Mo2Al 4Cr14Ni14W2Mo 5Cr21Mn9Ni4N 2Cr21Ni12N 2Cr23Ni13 2Cr25Ni20 1Cr16Ni35 0Cr15Ni25Ti2MoA1VB 3Cr18Mn12Si2N 2Cr20Mn9Ni2Si2N 1Cr20Ni14Si2 1Cr25Ni20Si2 2Cr25N 0Cr13A1 00Cr12 1Cr19A13 0Cr11Ti 1Cr5Mo 4Cr9Si2 4Cr10Si2Mo 8Cr20Si2Ni 1Cr11MoV 1Cr12Mo 2Cr12MoVNbN 1Cr12WMoV 2Cr12NiMoWV 0Cr17Ni7Al 1Cr11Ni2W2MoV GH1015 GH1016 GH1035 GH1040 GH1131 GH1140 GH2018 GH2036 GH2038 GH2130 GH2132 GH2135 GH2136 GH2302 GH3030 GH3039 GH3044 GH3128 GH4033 GH4037 GH4043 GH4049 GH4133 201 ASTM 201 T201LN S20153 S20161 202 ASTM 202 S20200 203Z XM-1 S20300 S20400 205 ASTM 205 S20501 XM-19 S20910 XM-31 S21400 A 959 Type XM-14 A 412 Type XM-14 A 666 XM-14 S21460 S21500 216 SA-479 Type XM-17 A 240 Type XM-17 A 479 XM-17 A 492 Type XM-17 A 959 Type XM-17 S21600 216L XM-18 S21603 S21800 A 276 XM-10 A 314 XM-10 A 473 XM-10 A 580 Type XM-10 A 813 Grade TP XM-10 A 814 Grade TP XM-10 A 943 TPXM-10 A 269 TPXM-10 A 312 TPXM-10 A 959 Type XM-10 SA-276 XM-10 SA-312 TPXM-10 SA-813 TPXM-10 SA-814 TP XM-10 A 269 S21900 A 276 S21900 A 314 S21900 A 473 S21900 A 580 S21900 A 580 S21900 A 813 S21900 S21900 SA-813 S21900 SA-814 S21900 A 182 F XM-11 A 240 Type XM-11 A 269 TPXM-11 A 276 XM-11 A 312 TPXM-11 A 314 XM-11 A 336 Grade FXM-11

Conditions & Properties

  • +A Soft annealed
  • +AC Annealed to achieve spheroidization of the carbides
  • +QT Quenched and tempered
  • +WW Warm worked
  • +N Normalized
  • +NT Normalized and tempered
  • +AT Solution annealed
  • +C Cold drawn / Hard
  • +CR Cold rolled
  • +PE Peeled
  • +T Tempered