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The company since the 1970s, actively carry out since a comprehensive quality management activities. In 1997, the steel mills began its subsidiary liapunoff respectively, passed ISO9000 standard authentication limited company of three gorges in sichuan province quality system authentication. In March 2004, the company combinative oneself is actual circumstance, in the new management system and management mode and begin established the entire company uniform quality management system in September that year, passed the ISO9001:2000 quality management system certification. Because agencies functions, further optimization and adjustment of the quality management system documents passed several times and change the edition, but quality management system has been to maintain effective and implementation of each successful authentication institutions through a third party supervision or review will audit. Currently, the company has in 2010 October passed ISO9001: the 2008 version of renewal audits.

Through the quality system authentication: the GB/T 19001 ISO 9001:2008/2008

The authentication institutions: China authentication limited company of three gorges, sichuan

The company mainly professional third-party certification range and the related professional management department, the products cover: high temperature alloys, corrosion resistant alloy, stainless steel, alloy steel, alloy steel, high speed steel, carbon steel, carbon structural steel, spring steel, bearing steel bar, wire (the rough products.the rod), plank, strip steel, steel tube (including steel plastic composite pipe), forgings, profiles, steel wire and suitable for the above product design, development, production and service process; Titanium and titanium alloy processing products production and service process.

Company quality management system ISO9001:2008 standards covering all the requirements for the quality management system, establish the organization, as well as business management department responsible for quality system planning, quality measurement center is responsible for quality system operation, departments and units for passing iso9001:2000 the secondary unit network management. In the whole management process, to ensure quality management system of sustainability, suitability and effectiveness, the company always adhere to the quality management and the eight principles, pay attention to process control, and make full use of PDCA method, periodically conduct internal audit and management review, and constantly found improvement opportunities, established self discovery, self perfect mechanism, reached the "continuous improvement" purposes.

The establishment of the quality management system implementation, effective operation and improvement, to realize the management concept of updates and management mode of change, management behavior standarder, management level got the whole enhancement. The comprehensive quality of staff at all levels, and quality awareness generally increased more hasten is stable product quality, customer satisfaction and market share both will be greatly increase the, set up the company's good social image. Quality management system certificate for the company's acquisition, won the international trade "pass", for firms participate in government procurement, major engineering supporting bidding, conducting international economic cooperation and technological exchange, etc have created favorable conditions.

In order to further strengthen internal management, continually provide various related party to quality assurance, the company will follow "strict management, the pursuit of excellence, excellence and customer service" the quality policy, strictly abide by the relevant state quality policy, laws, regulations and rules, strictly according to ISO9001-2008 standard requirements, and continuously improve products (including military) quality, enhance customer satisfaction, to achieve the company quality objectives, and constantly transcend self, the pursuit of excellence.