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Spring in shock, vibration or long-term use alternating stress, so demand a high spring steel tensile strength, high elastic limit, the fatigue strength. In process request has the certain.. its quench-hardening ability, not easily, and surface quality is good and so on decarburization. Carbon spring steel namely ω C carbon content at 0.6% ~ 0.9% within the scope of the high quality carbon structural (including normal and high amount with manganese). spring steel alloy is mainly silicon manganese steel is, the carbon content of them a bit low, mainly by increasing silicon content ω Si (1.3% ~ 2.8%) improve performance, and another chromium, tungsten, vanadium alloy spring steel. In recent years, with China's resources, and according to the design of new automobiles, tractors technology request, developed in silicon manganese steel join based on boron, niobium, molybdenum elements of new steel and prolong the service life of the spring, improve the quality of spring


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