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Carbon tool steel is basically do not contain alloy elements of high carbon steel, carbon content ω C in the range of 0.65% ~ 1.35% inside, the production cost is low, the sources of the raw materials easy to obtain, cutting machining good, heat treatment can get high hardness and high wear resistance, so it is widely used of steel, used to produce all kinds of cutting tools, moulds, measuring tools; But this kind of steel red rigid sent, and that is when the working temperature more than 250 ℃, the hardness of the steel and abrasion resistance will drop rapidly and lose the ability to work. In addition, such as carbon steel made large parts of hardening is not easy, and easy to produce the deformation and crack
Alloy tool steel is to contain a variety of alloying elements, such as silicon, chromium, tungsten, molybdenum, vanadium, etc, in high carbon steel. Alloy steel easy hardened, not easy the creation deformation and cracking, fit to manufacture dimensions big, complex shape of cutting tools, moulds and measuring tool use different, the carbon content of steel alloy is different also. Most of the carbon content of steel alloy ω C is 0.5% ~ 1.5%. Thermal deformation mould steel carbon is low, ω C in the range of 0.3% ~ 0.6% inside; Cutting tool steel general carbon ω C1 % or so; With the carbon content of steel mold manufacture is higher, such as graphite ω C 1.5% carbon steel, high carbon chromium type with the carbon content of steel mold manufacture ω C is as high as 2% above


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