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Commonly used steel term


       Description of
steel plate
Production of hot rolled or cold rolled thickness of 0.2 to 4mm between, known as the thin steel plate. The width of the thin steel plate in 500 ~~ 1400mm . Depending on the use of thin steel plate of different materials: carbon structural steel, quality carbon cable structural steel, carbon tool steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, spring steel, electrical silicon steel. They are mainly used in the automotive industry, aviation industry, ceramic industry, electrical industry, mechanical industry and other sectors.Rolled steel sheet, direct delivery, as well as pickling pickling steel sheet ) , galvanized or tin-plated
Steel strip
The Steel strip is actually a long sheet, and the supply of rolls, also known as the strip. Strip can be produced on a multi-stand tandem mill, the length of the cut length is steel plate, therefore, higher productivity than a leaflet rolling
steel plate
Thickness 4mmThe above steel plates together, the thick steel plate. Maximum thickness that can be rolled, plate mill, thick plate boundaries often in60mmLess than60mmMore than you need a dedicated special plate mill rolling, so called the special plate. Thick steel plate width from0.6mTo3.0m. Thickness by Use of shipbuilding steel, bridge steel plate, boiler plate, high pressure vessel steel plate, tread plate, car plate, armor plate, composite steel plate
Round steel
Round bar steel, of circular cross-section divided into hot-rolled, Forged, and cold drawing . Hot-rolled round bar of diameter250mm 9mm commonly used to do pull-wire raw material, called wire; into supply, also known as wire rods. Forged round bar diameter thick, with a shaft billet. Cold drawn round a diameter of 3 to 100mm , high dimensional accuracy
Square steel
The square steel square section steel, divided into hot-rolled and cold-drawing of two kinds; hot-rolled square steel side length~~ 250mm , cold drawn square steel side long 100mm
Flat steel
Flat width 12 to 300mm thick, 4 to 60mm , cross section of rectangular steel. Flat steel can be finished steel, pipe billet andRoll sheet can also be done using the application of thin slab
Angle iron
Grading edge angle and unequal angle two. The angle of the specifications with a side length size. Angle specification is currently in production from 2 to 25 , ie, the side length cm. Such as equilateral angle refers to the edge length5cmThe angle. The same number of angle often two kinds of ~ different edge thickness
Beam-shaped section steel, also known as the steel beams . Points of the ordinary I-beam, the light beam and the wide leg also called a wide margin, wide-brimmed beam. The first two beam production specifications from 10 to 60 or 70 , that is the appropriate height for to 70cm . At the same height, the narrow light than normal legs, waist and thin, light weight. The wide-leg beam section is characterized by the legs parallel to the inside of the leg gradient. It belongs to the economy section steel rolling in a four-roller universal section mill, also called the universal beam
In railway rails also called heavy rail ) , light rail, crane rail, and other specialized rail. Heavy rail to rail transport, light rail for mine transport and industrial structure. Specifications of rail per meter length kg weight mark
The channel is slotted section of steel. Channel for building structures and vehicle manufacturers, divided into hot-rolled channel steel and curved channel. Hot rolled channel was divided into ordinary and light two. The current production of channel specifications from to 40 , that is the appropriate height for to 40cm . The same height, the light channel is narrower than the ordinary channel steel legs, waist and thin, light weight
Curved steel
With the deformation characteristics of hot-rolled steel, bent steel strip passed between a roller and bent into a variety of complex cross-section shape steel. Bending steel using cold-formed, forming method of production, there are bending , so called cold-formed steel or bending steel
Steel pipe
Seamless steel pipe
Seamless steel pipe is made from a single piece of metal, no seam steel pipe section. According to the different production methods, the seamless steel pipe divided into hot-rolled pipes, cold-rolled pipes, cold drawn tube, extruded tube, top tube. In accordance with the cross sectional shape, the seamless steel tubes of round and shaped two. Square, oval, triangular, hexagonal, oval-shaped, star shaped tube with finned tube, and a variety of complex shapes, the largest diameter650mmexpanded diameter tube, the minimum diameter0.3mmcapillary . According to different purposes, thick-walled gun and thin-walled wall thickness0.05mmtube. Seamless steel pipe is mainly used for petroleum geology drilling pipe, petrochemical cracking tube, boiler tubes and heat exchanger tubes, bearing tubes and steel pipes of automobiles, tractors, aviation and high-precision structure
Welded steel pipe
Welded steel strip welded into the section joints of steel pipes. Depending on the welding method, welding steel tube sub-arc welded pipe, high frequency or low frequency resistance welding pipe, gas pipe, furnace pipe. Weld points, Longitudinal and spiral pipe large diameter . Welded steel pipe often used for water, gas, oil, low pressure pipeline tube and structural steel such as bicycle steel pipe . Compared with the seamless steel tubes, welded steel pipes with high productivity, low cost, therefore, welded steel tubes for the increasing proportion of the total production of steel pipe. In recent years, the use of the shaped pipe is more widely
Ordinary quality steel wire
Wire electrode wire, nail wire, printing industry, and for galvanized low carbon steel wire (commonly known as wire )
Cold heading wire
Refers for the mechanical processing cold heading as rivets, screws and other wire
Electrical wire
Refers to the overhead electrical aspects of the communication lines, ACSR wire
Textile industry with a wire
Including coarse comb, needle cloth, needle wire, etc.
Wire rope with a wire
Means designed for the production of steel wire rope and spokes wire
Including springs, spring washer wire and piano wire and tire steel wire
Structural steel
Refers to the watch industry with the ball, automatic wire cutting
Other wire
Such as stainless steel and resistance alloy wire, tools, wire, steel wire, footwear wire

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