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Forge Shop
A good Forge shop should be able to get you every possible shape of all the stainless steel varieties you need. That means more than just the standard forms that so many shops offer nowadays--plates, sheets, poles and more. If you want truly advanced forming and machining and don't necessarily want to dedicate your own equipment to the task, you need a highly adaptable and qualified supplier.

All Metals & Forge is a different kind of steel supplier. Instead of merely trafficking in boilerplate chemistries and standard forms, the experts here go out of their way to act as one-stop shopping for all your parts needs. Whether you want custom shapes or a truly sophisticated part in a hard-to-find alloy, you will not find more dedicated or experienced professionals ready to fulfill every last detail of your order, no matter how small.

The ISO9001:2000- and AS9100-certified professionals here have gained a reputation as the nation's premiere supplier of specialty alloys. All Metals & Forge takes care of every part of the process, from melting--via airmelt or vacuum melt--through treatments and forming. There are no materials or combinations too exotic for the team here, and often you can get exactly what you need without committing to thousands of pounds for an unusual order.

All Metals & Forge is also a clearinghouse for all manner of metallurgic research, from materials info to alloy info reports. This is the number one resource for all things, steel, so please do not hesitate to call anytime at +86-816-3653300, or write a letter to [email protected]  with questions. The team here looks forward to serving you.

Forged Metal
Forging metal is one of the best ways to ensure its strength and high temperances. Instead of pouring molten metal into a mold or machining away from an existing block, Forging requires hammering or pressing the metal into a form. As it takes the proper shape, the steel's grain structure aligns and stretches, creating a stronger piece of finished steel.

Methods such as these require tremendous power and precision, which is one of the reasons they may be beyond the capacity of your local supplier. Here at All Metals & Forge, you get a higher caliber of finishing work such as this, including such difficult methods as cold forging and drop Forging. The team can then apply a wide variety of treatments, including quenching, annealing, case hardening and more.

All Metals & Forge specializes in unusual chemistries and custom alloys, and the team always takes care to provide just the right quality and amount when serving its clients. Instead of committing to 50,000 pounds or more for a custom blend, you can simply order a few forms here without worrying about financial penalties. When you combine the alloy you need with the perfect form, you begin to get a sense of why so many industries trust All Metals & Forge.

Feel free to look around the site for catalogs, tools and more to help you get started. No matter what you need, you should be able to find the right resources for the job here. Want to make an order or consult with an expert? Please call +86-816-3653300 or write to [email protected] .

Forged Metals
Forged metals tend to be harder, stronger and more durable than cast forms or machined parts. The reason why is simple: pressure alone forms the steel into the right shape, and the metal's response to such overwhelming force tends to align the grain. That means you get more cogent internal structure and a far greater ability to withstand warping and wearing.

Here at All Metals & Forge, you will find some of the finest examples of Forging technologies anywhere in the industry. This is an ISO9001:2000- and AS9100-certified business that has developed a powerful reputation for special jobs and esoteric treatments that result in some of the most powerful stainless steels on the market today. Simply put, there is no job too complex or demanding for the talented engineers here.

All Metals & Forge carries all the major varieties of steel, from super alloys and cobalt blends to carbon steels, refractory alloys and more. Even if you want something you do not see in the standard catalog, All Metals & Forge can usually make it for you quickly and perfectly. Obsolete chemistries, foreign chemistries or anything your own engineers devise can be easily melted, formed and finished to whatever specifications you desire.

This is a superior brand of steel service, and one that has earned All Metals & Forge clients in countless industries including defense, oil drilling, medicine and aerospace. If you want ultra-hard parts and do not relish the thought of involving a third vendor for the privilege, this may be the one stop shop you are looking for. Feel free to send an email with any questions to [email protected] , or call the courteous professionals here during business hours at +86-816-3653300.

Forged Product
There is a reason forged products are so much more coveted than cast or machined metals. Forging is a unique process that tends to imbue the final product with uncommon strength--the inevitable result of being pounded, pressed, rolled or upset into an existing form. Metals that have undergone this powerful process tend to come out stronger, harder and more durable than their cast counterparts.

You have come to the right place if you are looking for exceptional Forging services. The technicians of All Metals & Forge are widely known as some of the best in the nation at working with every possible kind of stainless steel, from super alloys to magnesium alloys and more. No chemistry is too hard for Forging, and the experts here can do it hot or cold to your exact specifications. Add in advanced treatments such as annealing and quenching and you may get a part that lasts for decades to come.

The good news is that it is easier than ever to place an order. The interface here makes it simple to find the chemistry you desire--or alternately, you can special-order your own. Either way, a few more steps gets you to the Forging shop, which can then create the perfect part using a variety of techniques. Countless businesses and industries have come to trust the ISO9001:2000- and AS9100-certified technicians of All Metals & Forge, so why wouldn't you?

All Metals & Forge does it all, from heat treatments to extrusions, rolling and welding. The shop is as advanced as the melting technologies, and you can always find more information via the site's boundless literature resources. Call the pros here if you want to learn more or just place an order. They are available at +86-816-3653300 or by email at [email protected], anytime.

Forged Ring
Forging a ring is generally considered more economically viable than machining or cutting it, and with good reason. When you forge the piece, you are not left with excess material that has been cut out of the center. But the real advantage to this approach is the quality of what you get once the Forging process has been completed.

It is the Forging process itself that confers the real advantage. That's because any kind of pounded or pressed steel will inevitably develop a proper grain that can dramatically improve its strength. In the case of a ring, that grain tends to be concentric and contoured, allowing you to create symmetrical blocks and cut stronger pieces from the form.

If you are looking to avoid the common complaints about porosity in plates, the rings here at All Metals & Forge may be your best bet. All Metals & Forge has been in the business of creating custom chemistries for many years, and in that time has developed a greater number of "designer alloys" than anyone else in the industry. You always know you are getting a perfect melt and a proper form when you order here, the delivery is prompt and the communication is without equal.

Feel free to use this site as you wish: as a deep inventory of existing alloys, a building ground for new combinations or an extensive resource for metallurgic tips, tools and literature. Want to get in touch with the experts today? Call +86-816-3653300 or drop a line to [email protected] and they will be sure to get back to you.

Forged Rings
Forged rings are some of the most popular forms for stainless steel nowadays. The reasons are easy to understand: Forged shapes tend to be stronger, tougher and more fatigue-resistant, and rings make for easier cutting. No wonder All Metals & Forge has become one of the nation's foremost suppliers of this popular shape.

You can get every possible kind of steel here, from refractory and super alloys through titanium, magnesium blends and more. The shop can also handle a wide array of finishing treatments, including martensitic, ferritic and austenitic forming and heat treatments such as annealing, normalizing and surface hardening. Whatever you desire, for whatever chemistry, you can get it all here at a great price.

This site offers far more than just easy ordering, however. One look around and you may get a sense of why so many industry professionals come here--this is a true clearinghouse for essential information related to steel and its science. From steel weights through glossaries and a deep inventory of literature, there may be no more complete archive of essential tools on the Web.

Do not hesitate if you want to get your hands on perfect, close tolerance forged rings. The experienced professionals here are available night and day by email at [email protected], or you can always call during business hours at +86-816-3653300. All the ISO9001:2000 and AS9100-certified engineers at All Metals & Forge look forward to working with you.

Forged Products
Forged products tend to command higher fees than their die-cast counterparts because of the greater strength and durability they exhibit. Heating and forging steel tends to create an even grain in such a way that the resulting part simply lasts longer than anything poured and molded. Here at All Metals & Forge, you can find some of the finest examples of forged products anywhere in the industry.

All Metals & Forge has been in business for quite some time, and in those years the company has developed a sterling reputation for expertise across a wide range of processes. From creating custom alloys through annealing, quenching and other treatments, the parts forged here represent some of the most cutting-edge in the business. Perhaps that's why All Metals & Forge has retained exclusive clients in industries as diverse as aerospace, medicine, defense and petrochemicals.

Fast turnaround time has no doubt contributed to such high recommendations from the clients. Many mills require that you order in bulk for "designer alloys" and obsolete chemistries. Not here. With All Metals & Forge, you get fast-melted and perfectly tempered parts exactly the way you want them, whether you need 50 or 1,000.

If you are interested in learning more about the wide array of forged products you can get here, do not hesitate to look around the site and familiarize yourself with all the forms available. From mandrel rings through plates and wire, All Metals & Forge specializes in getting you exactly what you need without delay or hidden costs. The forged products themselves remain one of the biggest reasons so many companies come here for flawless tools and parts. If you want to get more info, do not hesitate to call at +86-816-3653300 or send an email to [email protected].

Forged Steel
Forged steel is the most powerful way to create parts that will last. Instead of pouring the molten metal into a die (casting) or boring out shapes from an existing sheet or block (machining), forging requires the application of tremendous pressure to force the metal into the proper shape. It is also the finest way to create stainless steel parts that are strong, durable and extraordinarily fatigue-resistant.

Forged parts find applications all across American industry, from oil patch technologies through consumer tools. Here at All Metals & Forge, you can get forged products built to your exact specifications, no matter how strong the alloy or what temperature forging you require. Nobody does it better, and the ISO9001:2000- and AS9100-certified technicians here make sure each job is flawlessly produced before anything ships.

All Metals & Forge offers every type of stainless steel you can buy, including tool steels, copper alloys, super alloys and titanium. Value-added services include a variety of finishing treatments including cutting, machining, and forging, in either hot or cold configurations. Custom requests for alloys are always welcome, from designer choices to obsolete or foreign chemistries that can be difficult to find.

Few shops do this sort of work better than All Metals & Forge, which may be one of the reasons everyone from defense contractors through aerospace engineers come here for close tolerance steel parts. If you want to get your hands on truly powerful forged steel, please do not hesitate to contact the experts at +86-816-3653300 or by email at [email protected]. The experienced group of engineers, technicians and fabricators here looks forward to working with you.

Forging Steels
Forging steel properly takes care, power and a good working knowledge of the details involved. Steel can be notoriously difficult to melt, heat, and shape, and only a few shops in the nation have earned reputations for truly world-class, close tolerance work. All Metals & Forge is one of the best.

The company's list of clients speaks for itself, including OEM manufacturers such as General Electric, Boeing, NASA and defense industries. Machine shops that service all those industries come here more often than anywhere else as well, relying on the expertise of this team for flawlessly produced parts and the kind of custom alloys that often find application in rarified work. If you are looking for the best ISO9001:2000- and AS9100-certified engineers in the business, you have come to the right place.

These days it's not unusual to hear complaints about any order that requires more work than a simple melt and cool. Here at All Metals & Forge, you get the full range of services, including heat treatments, custom forming and countless varieties of steel alloys. You can even build your own at nearly any quantity and expect the same speedy service.

If you are in the market for custom-forged steel and want to work with an exceptionally experienced plant, give them a call today at +86-816-3653300. The experts here enjoy making their deep knowledge of the field available, so you can always send an email to [email protected] with any questions. You will find this is the most reliable and affordable steel manufacturer in the country.

The best forgings come from outstanding alloys, good hammering/pressure equipment and the kind of dies that ensure every part comes out flawlessly. It may not surprise you to learn that few manufacturers in the country have access to the full range of tools and services required to create parts such as these. Here at All Metals & Forge, you will find nothing less than a state-of-the-art approach.

The team does it all here, from chromium and magnesium alloys to super alloys, refractory alloys, copper alloys and more. Exotic materials are no problem, and neither are custom melts treated and forged to your exacting specifications. If you want to go well beyond the standard forms, a quick conversation with the experts here is all that is required.

Of course, a growing number of industry insiders come here simply for the wealth of knowledge this site affords. Calculating tools, alloy specs and more suffuse the site, and All Metals & Forge takes pride in offering unprecedented access to several veins of scientific literature on the subject. The ISO9001:2000- and AS9100-certified technicians here don't just make the steel parts--they also occasionally make the science behind these discoveries.

If you are looking to get your hands on hot or cold forged products and do not want to buy your steel one place and ship it immediately somewhere else, call +86-816-3653300 today. Specialty steels have become something of a stock in trade here, and the forged parts this company produces have seen their way into industries as diverse as medicine and space flight. Do not hesitate to contact All Metals & Forge with any questions at [email protected].