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Smelting equipment: electric furnace capacity of 5 tons -40 tons, refining furnace capacity (including VOD, LF, AOD, VD) 5 T -40 T, non-vacuum induction furnace capacity of 0.5 tons -10 tons, electroslag furnace capacity of 0.35 t -8 t .

Electroslag remelting furnace is a current production of heat using molten slag into the pool from the power pole, the metal droplets were washed through the slag after the crystallization of water into the mold in a special ESR ingot smelting equipment.

Residue fluid mixture to the role and good crystallization conditions, ESR metal with good purity, uniform fine cast, no white spots and the ring-like segregation, very low sulfur content, and other fine inclusions in the dispersed Performance. Therefore, ESR in the medium-sized forgings, rough block production of a monopoly position in the high-quality tool and die steel, maraging steel, duplex steel billet, steel cold rolling roll ESR is dominated by electroslag casting shaped Pieces are unique, the domestic steel output has reached hundreds of tons of slag. Special steel electroslag furnace is essential for production equipment.

Electroslag metallurgy with heating, refining, and the order of crystallization of the three basic functions.

    Altitude <1000 m
    Ambient temperature 5-35 ℃
    85% relative humidity (ambient temperature of 20 ± 5 ℃)
    Supply voltage fluctuations <± 5%
    Cooling water inlet temperature 5-30 ℃
    Cooling water inlet pressure> 0.25MPa
    Non-conductive and explosive dust, no corrosion and failure of electrical insulation of gas, steam
    Distribution and control equipment installed in a well-ventilated, non-violent vibration in the workplace